4 Exciting Weekend Getaways From Chennai For A Memorable Trip

Fantastic beaches, beautiful sanctuaries, and the amazing heritage sites…these are some of the things which make Chennai the traveler’s paradise.

The city spoils you with so numerous choices when you are seeking some respite from your monotonous routine.

With heritage centers, pilgrim sites, beaches which are sun-kissed, and hill stations which are close to the beautiful coastal city, Chennai will ensure that your weekends turn into memorable experiences.

On that note, we are providing a list of amazing weekend getaways from Chennai within 300 km. These weekend getaways will surely give you some amazing stories to tell on Mondays.

  • Chittoor

There isn’t just one reason for exploring Chittoor, there are many. The historical significance along with beautiful landscapes are the best things about the place. Plus, who can forget about the richest temple which is situated right here in the district of Chittoor? Free your mind and soul and have the experience of traveling in Chittoor.

Places To Visit

There is a long list of amazing places that you would love to visit. Starting right from Nagari Hills which are covered with beautiful trees and amazing green surroundings, the fresh soothing air would fill your senses. Other than that, there are amazing places such as Ramagiri, Mogili, Sri Venkateshwara Temple, Kaundriya wildlife Sanctuary and so much more.

Things To Do

Enjoy the beautiful sight of the amazing sculptures in Sri Venkateshwara Temple and spend your entire day in the atmosphere of spirituality. You will be able to have a relaxing day and your mind will be filled with positive thoughts. For those who have a thing for wildlife, going to the Kaundriya Wildlife Sanctuary would be a great choice.

  • Tirupati

Now is the time to look into your spiritual self people. For those who have their beliefs in history and archaeology, visiting the famous Tirupathi Temple would be a really great idea. Enjoy the sight of millions of devotees who come here to visit the temple and enjoy the cultural history of the place along with the architecture.

Places To Visit

Known to be a wonderful pilgrim place in the country, Tirupathi is considered to be a paradise for the holy hearts. The spirituality and the architecture of the place are surely amazing. With so many different places to visit such as Talakona Waterfalls, Sri Vari Museum, Deer Park, and other places, Tirupathi will really make your day.

Things To Do

Let us start with the factor of spirituality, Tirupathi is one of the paradises that you would love to visit. There are so many different temples that you would like to visit in order to enjoy the architecture and the history of the place. Explore the beautiful places and go on a trip with your family to the Sri Vari Museum. You will get a chance to relive the glorious past of these temples.

  • Yercaud

For all the nature lovers out there, this is the perfect destination to visit, don’t you think? Gorgeous mountains, lush greenery, blue lakes and so much more to see makes this place a wonder for the people. Experience the fresh air in your face and relax in this mesmerizing atmosphere of Yercaud. This hill station is one of the best places that would give you the experience to remember for sure.

Places To Visit

When you need to find a place to visit in the beautiful lands of Yercaud, there is simply no doubt that you are going to get a lot of places for visiting. Who wouldn’t want to visit a hilltop temple, go to the amazing Rose Garden and the Botanical Garden? Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the waterfalls that would provide the best of the moments to you and your family. The Kiliyur Falls present in Yercaud will provide an experience worth remembering for sure.

Things To Do

For those who love to have picnics, the Kiliyur Waterfalls is the place to be. The silent nature and the sound of the water gushing is something that you wouldn’t be able to forget for sure. Plus, taking a drive through the Loop Road and having a look at the coffee and tea plantations would be a good idea. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss out the visit to Rose Garden and Silk Farm as well.

  • Horsley Hills

Are you all set to visit the paradise which is known as Horsley Hills? Wet forests, tall trees, surroundings filled with greenery, and the amazing waterfalls would give you a view that would mesmerize you for sure. Also, the view of the mountains and the sunset are some of the most amazing things for sure.

Places To Visit

There are amazing places to visit in Horsley Hills. Go to the Old Enugu Mallamma Temple, Kaigal Falls, View Point, Horsley Hills Zoo, and so much more.

Things To Do

Start with the Old Enugu Mallamma Temple where you can sit in the atmosphere of spirituality. The legends in the temple would actually blow your minds away. Also, enjoy the beautiful wildlife in the Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary.

So, go ahead and explore the amazing places in Chennai. These tourist places near Chennai within 300 kms are the best places for sure.