Affordable Luxury Family Holiday Ideas

6 Affordable Luxury Holiday Ideas

Family holidays make up most of our earliest childhood memories. The excitement of breaking the normal routine, the joy of having the undivided attention of the parents, the long afternoons spent building sandcastles, sunbathing and swimming: these are among the best moments of childhood.

But what do you do with your family to build these memories? We’ve compiled a list of six affordable luxury holiday ideas that will help your family make lasting memories.

1. Visit Turkey

Families flock to wherever there is fun and sun and one standout destination that has this in spades is Turkey. This fascinating country attracts millions of visitors each year with its crystal clear waters, rich history and culture, huge cosmopolitan cities, small idyllic villages and amazing food.

Excursions, meals out, souvenirs and other travel costs are cheap but this will vary depending on your travel style. For example, a three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant will cost you just £13. For excursions, hot air ballooning will cost you about £56, paragliding will cost you £240 and you can expect to pay £14 for whirling dervishes show.

2. Go On an African Safari

With world-famous game reserves, the iconic Big Five and spectacular scenery, Africa offers some of the best wildlife viewing experiences on the planet. Family safaris will allow you and the kids to learn culture and traditions from natives, participate in community projects, and learn and practice bush skills. The safari will also take you into the world of small creatures, large wildlife, intriguing insects and avian-life.

An African safari will cost you anywhere between £102 and £1,215 per person per night. Some of the best African safari tours to consider include East Africa’s Mara, Sabi Sands, and a private guided tour in Botswana and Zimbabwe.

3. Go On a Road Trip

Road trips always make for amazing adventures, especially with the excitement of plotting a new route each time and the luxury of sleeping in a campervan. The family gets to wake up somewhere new every day and try new things as you take in the wonderful coastline, exciting cities and rolling hills that make Britain so great.

When planning a road trip, consider hiring a campervan as it provides opportunities for spontaneity and gives you the freedom to shape your holiday around what your family loves doing. From walking holidays to beach trips, luxury camper van hire is a boredom buster at its finest.

4. Visit Marrakech, Morocco

This bursting-at-the-seams city is one of the great cities of the Maghreb and the most visited place in Morocco. The city is as hip as Hollywood and as manic as Mardi. You and the kids can throw yourselves in at the deep end by exploring the markets, gardens, tombs, museums, cafes and hidden palaces of this former imperial city.

Rooms at a four-star hotel run as low as £15 per night and the food can be very cheap if you eat at local restaurants and street stalls.

5. Stay at a Castle in France

Jet set to France and live out your royal dreams by staying at one of France’s spectacular castle hotels. This will give you and the kids the chance to imagine you are royal family as well as get a sense of the country’s rich history. While some hotels and Airbnb listings are only for the wealthy, there are also hidden gems for the more budget-conscious holidaymakers. You can stay at one of the best castle hotels in France for as little as £65 per night.

6. Sail Your Way into The Nightlife

Sail on a yacht for approximately £160 a night per person for at least a week. The cost is decent as it includes all the luxuries of meals, champagne, sea-facing cabin and access to water sports equipment. While most ships accommodate about 300 people, the services and experience you get will be worth your money.

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