Ayahuasca-Driven Journey Through Your Heart And The Universe

The South American healing liana ayahuasca derives its name in a very interesting way. The word ‘aya’ means soul or spirit and the word ‘waska’ means rope or creeper. So it means vine of the soul or spirit. This plant brew is concocted from the banisteriopsis caapi and the psychotria viridis. It is mainly taken in special ceremony under the guidance of the shamans who act as mediators between the participants and the spirit world. Of late, it has become quite popular among the Westerners as it helps to heal long lasting wounds and sufferings, both physical and mental. So many people travel to the yage retreats located in Peru for opening up their lives for the better.  You can watch youtube to know more details

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The presence of DMT or dimethyltryptamine in this natural potion causes the participants to have hallucinatory visions and trance like states which may include past life regressions, child hood memories or suppressed traumas. You can even have images of extraterrestrial and geometric designs along with the Almighty. The person stays at the peak of the yage brew for two to six hours with an after effect of one to eight hours. The shamans are the best people to guide you through this entire life changing and paint staking process. The dosage given is also a determinant of the ayahusca effect along with the person’s metabolism and physiological system. The healers are also known as curanderos and generally hail from families of shamans or have an in depth knowledge of the plant and animal world.


taking ayahuasca in peru can be a unique and life long experience for many. The San Pedro is also a cactus which is used for making of the ayahuasca tea and this cactus is found in the Andes mountains. The people wish to make their lives better or get rid of the long suppressed traumas or depressions. It is also reported that people can get rid of severe ailments like cancer and even suicidal tendencies through this drug. Before opting for the ayahusca experience, you need to understand your goals and intentions for the same. It is never advised to take this medical brew as a lark. The hallucinogenic components impact the brain cells and thus trigger off the consequent reactions and actions for the overall benefits.

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