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50 Japanese Foods to Try While You Are in Japan | tsunagu Japan

Authentic Japanese food is famous all over the world for its healthy and tasty attributes. The cooks follow the rules of five for cooking the traditional Japanese dishes or washoku. The chief focus is on maintaining a balance between variety and taste. The cooks use five colors- black, red, white, green, and yellow. The five cooking techniques include grilling, broiling, steaming, raw, and frying. The five flavors that you can taste are salty, bitter, sweet, spicy, and sour. You would love the Japanese food more when you see how beautifully they present the items. No wonder Japanese cuisine is delicious and aesthetic.


Sushi and Tempura

Sushi is undoubtedly the most popular Japanese dish originating from preserving fish in the fermented rice. In modern days, the Japanese cooks use fresh fish and vinegared rice to form various shapes and serve them as sushi. On the other hand, Tempura implies the dish of batter-frying the fish, vegetables, or seafood. You can feel the crispy and fried perfection due to the combination of ice-cold batter and very hot oil. If you visit the Kanto region, you can eat the Tempura with some special dipping sauce, whereas, in the Kansai region, you need to use flavored salt for the dip.



Among the chief japan food and drinksyou will like the Yakitori too as it comprises big pieces of grilled chicken. The process uses every part of the chicken, including the liver, heart, and comb. Among the non-alcoholic drinks, try Amazake which is a traditional beverage using sweet fermented rice. The drinks are alcohol-free or containing a minimum concentration of alcohol, making them safe from the consumption of the children too. So enjoy the food and drinks in Japan and keep on wondering when to plan the next visit to the island country.