Incredible Kolkata: 4 Reasons That Justify The Same

It is a known fact that you do not have to be a native of Bengal to be a Calcuttan. The city has an impact on you and changes you irrespective of your cultural roots. The little things about Kolkata, such as reading a newspaper with the morning tea, rub off on you and before you notice, it becomes a part of your character. The city encompasses the whole of Bengal in it. The strengths and weaknesses of the city reflect the true Bengali character. Their love for festivities and culture, their interest in food and flavours, the overflow of intellect and arts in the city set a colourful canvas for the city. 

The city has a lot more to offer than yellow taxis and brick buildings. Anyone who visits the city claim to become more humane, socially and culturally active. It is very difficult to swim against the tide of thoughts and feelings running across the city. Quite a few people complain about the traffic and the lack of civic sense in the city. Not everyone has a good first impression of the place. But, those who love the city understand it in its raw form. The city has everything that makes a place incredible; be it a rich heritage, historical buildings, famous personalities who have contributed to the country immensely, tourist spots and a number of heritage hotels in Kolkata make it one of the most loved cities in our country. 

Some of the things that have helped the city retain its old-world charm are:

  1. Culture Kaleidoscope: Between the areas of White Town, where the British lived in the 19th century and the Black Town, settled by Bengalis in north Kolkata, there is an area called Grey Town. This became home to a mix of immigrants such as Buddhists, Parsis, Muslims, Chinese, Jews and people from the rest of the country. This has created a very warm and welcoming environment in the area. 
  2. Street Food:  Street life in the city is very electric and energetic. Stalls providing tea, snacks, and breakfast early in the morning is a popular sight. Bengalis are known for their love towards cooking and food. The non-veg curries with fish, mutton, prawns etc. are renowned across the globe. One dish popularly made with beef is called ‘nihari’ and is mostly eaten in the morning. 
  3. Chinese Church: The old area of Chinatown dates back to the 18th century when Chinese traders settled in the city. It is most famous for its Sunday breakfast. The place also has a hidden gem, Sea IP Church. This was built in 1905 and has a fascinating collection of war weapons and gods and goddesses. 
  4. Fruit Cake: The Ajmiri Bakery, located on Weston Street close to Bow Barracks is not something you’ll notice easily. But, this small bakery produces one of the best fruit cakes you will ever taste. It is baked in an old-style flame oven that provides it the special taste and has made this place a must-visit for everyone. 

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