Is It Hard To Visit Bhutan?

Because of the alpine storms that sweep in from the Himalayas, Bhutan is known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon. It recognizes the importance of self-defence, just as it did when raiding Tibetans rolled in from the plateau searching for cherished Buddhist relics. For much of its history, Bhutan, which was formed from fortress-bound kingdoms, was off-limits. International tourism did not begin until the 1970s, and there are currently annual tourist quotas in place to keep things under control.

Travel to Bhutan  is expensive and difficult unless you are from one of a few countries, such as India, Bangladesh, or the Maldives. The distinct Buddhist culture, pristine beauty, and fresh mountain air, on the other hand, make it well worth the trip. Every year, so many tourists visit Bhutan, which clearly indicates a growing interest in the country as a tourist destination.

Here’s everything you need to know to make your vacation a success. We discuss every possible point briefly for you, which you should know while traveling to Bhutan, the country of happiness.

  •   Tours and self-guided travel

Bhutan’s administration is wary about allowing foreign visitors into the nation. Bhutan is becoming more accessible to independent travelers, but the government does not encourage it.

  •   Obtaining a visa

Except for Indian, Bangladeshi, and Maldivian passport holders, all visitors to Bhutan must get a visa in advance. Passport holders from these three countries are categorized as “regional tourists”. They can obtain a free Entry Permit upon arrival by presenting a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months.

  •   Bhutan is progressing.

Bhutan is evolving rapidly, with much building taking place, especially in Thimphu and Paro. As a result, their allure and genuineness have already begun to fade.

What is the cost of a trip to Bhutan?

For the months of January, February, June, July, August, and December, the minimum daily package cost for visiting Bhutan is $200 per person per night. For the months of March, April, May, September, October, and November, this jumps to $250 per person each night. So, it indicates that the popularity of this country is increasing day by day.

What does this pricing include? 

Everything, in fact. The cost of your tour includes your guide, driver, transportation, lodging, meals, and any necessary camping equipment. The ticket covers lodging in Bhutan travel hotels  with at least a three-star rating. We also stayed in a couple of four-star hotels, both of which were absolutely fantastic and much needed after seven nights of camping!

Make your journey easy!

Bhutan is not your typical vacation location; there are a few things to consider before booking your trip to “The Last Shangri-La.”

  •   You have the option of flying in or driving into the nation.

Flying is the most common way to get to Bhutan, but you should be aware that the country only has one international airport, which is located in Paro, about an hour from Thimphu. Paro Airport also has one of the most exciting, if not frightening, landings in the world.

  •   The food will be really hot.

Chili is a popular breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner dish among Bhutanese. They may claim that any food lacking in chili pepper is unworthy, which is partially correct.

  •   Dress appropriately.

Dzongs are some of Bhutan’s most stunning structures, and seeing them is a must. A Dzong is a traditional structure that serves as both a temple and a government complex. In Bhutan, “church and state” are not separated in any way.

  •   Take proper travel insurance. 

Nowadays it has become an essential factor for the tourists to have travel insurance with themselves. These are the best travel insurance Singapore promotion  if you are from Singapore. This helps in various kinds of happenings if anything happens to you while visiting another country.

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