Things not to miss on a trip to Kyoto 

Including 17 stunning world heritage sites and an array of beautiful Buddhist temples, Kyoto is the treasure place of Japanese culture and history. This ancient city is known as one of the richest historical places in the world. If you are planning for a Kyoto tour then it is important to take a professional guide to explore all the important places in the city. Visit old Kyoto, via winding alleys consisting traditional wooden houses, while in Gion Corner you can have an unforgettable experience or various dance performances shown by apprentice geisha as well as learn more about the traditional culture of Japanese art. Moreover, here is something that you can’t miss in the city. 

Experience a local food tour 

Explore the deep cultural food in the city by joining a professional guide. Kyoto’s night food is one of the most famous things all over the city. You can visit some hidden restaurants in Gion and enjoy their famous cuisine and add the taste in your memory with some of the delicious Sake wines. You can also enjoy the crowded street at night along with numerous activities performed to entertain tourists as well as to attract huge foot fall in the market. 

Visit a Moss temple 

Also known as Saihoji and one of the most famous heritage sites in the city, it is the perfect place to have a peace of mind. If you are thinking to visit a temple then it is important to pre-reserve your place in the temple because it only allows limited visitors to enter the temple and experience its beauty. The temple is situated in the heart of huge garden and consists of numerous eye-attractions. People all across the world come here to serve their prayers to the lord Buddha. Moreover if you are looking for a place to spend quality time with your loved ones then it can be an ideal choice. 

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