Tips for first time traveling to Japan

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If you are looking for a place for your vacation then you must see the beauty of Japan where the sun rises first. You should not worry about where to stay, traveling within, and eating places as you can easily search about the best Japan tour destinations online. So, just do some research and prepare yourself and take off to Japan.

Here are some tips shared by traveling guide for preparing yourself to travel to Japan.

Book a Japan Rail Pass

There are many transportation options like Taxis, Japan Taxi App, Metro, and Japan rail are available for travelling within Japan but you should prefer Japan Rail because its traveling cost is very low as compared to others. After buying travel pass, you can travel on any JR line within the country.

Withdraw cash

In Japan, there are rarely ATMs accepting foreign cards and also most of the small stores use cash. So, it is good to withdraw cash than to swap your ATM card. It will also save you from foreign transaction fees.  

Speak in English

Japanese talk with each other in Japanese language. They are friendly people and if you communicate with them, they will talk to you in English. Your traveler guide will also talk to you in English so the best thing is to practice English in daily life.

Involve in the Japanese activities   

If you want to fully enjoy your journey then you can indulge in Japanese classical activities like Bathe in the onsens, vending machines, Eat sushi, and more. Talk to your guide to see some exciting sites like Mount fuji, and more.

Taste the junk food

You may see lays, kit kat, candy, and more but the quality and flavor of junk food that you get here can’t be found in any other country. Candy is most like by the people.      

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