Top affordable restaurants in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

The Oaxaca coast has been a refuge for tourists looking to relax, have fun and surf for years. In addition, when we talk about this last activity, few Mexican beaches are as popular as those of Puerto Escondido are. Puerto is the tropical paradise of Oaxaca, a stretch of coastline with great character, but as with most tourist spots, visiting it always requires a keen eye to differentiate between tourist traps and places worth eating in Puerto Escondido restaurants. It is why we took on the task of compiling the restaurants you should visit when you go to rest in this surfer kingdom, so that you can enjoy it 100% and without mistakes.

Elephant Garden

Elephant Garden is known for serving best breakfasts at affordable prices. it is truly a hidden gem, situated in a country yard. The venue is not gigantic. However, you will not get any chance to file a complaint, as it has the delicious menu. The dishes are simple, healthy and with fresh ingredients. From a very healthy and relaxing breakfast, to delicious main courses, Elephant Garden has it all. If you are a food lover, and want to explore the Oaxaca cuisine, you should visit the place at least twice.

The Cost Crevice & Grill

With a stand in the center of Playa Zicatela, El Costa is easily recognizable because at the entrance there is a van where they grill seafood and fish. Although it has a good range of cold dishes, we recommend saving space to try its grilled delicacies. They have catch of the day, octopus and grilled shrimp that can be prepared by size, with garlic sauce or with olive oil and spices. Accompany them with a fresh michelada and let the sound of the sea lull you to sleep while you enjoy watching the surfers riding the waves.


In this privileged spot on Zicatela, you can try a variety of dishes with fresh products from the region, seafood tacos and the occasional Asian-inspired dish, such as vegetable spring rolls and curried shrimp. They also have an interesting selection of beach cocktails, so it is the perfect place to eat and then stay to watch the sunset.


It is a unique concept in Puerto Escondido that highlights local products in a 7-course tasting menu. They only open for dinner and they do not tell you what you are going to eat. Chef Travis Limoges’s idea is that you try everything paying attention and without expectations so that you perceive the flavors as they really are and not as you think they should be. It also has the pairing option by Ana Herrera.

Turtle bay

Turtle bay is one of the iconic, luxury family restaurants in Oaxaca, Mexico. You cannot ignore visiting Puerto Escondido without dining here. Good variety on the menu, the goat cheese covered with almonds is great, the shrimp quesadillas, the best is the octopus with mashed potatoes as well as the fettuccine with shrimp and mussels in lemon and ginger sauce. Masks, chinstraps or face coverings are required for staff in public areas.


Almoraduz’ husband-and-wife culinary alliance creates memorable flavor combinations in one of the Oaxaca’s coast’s few true gourmet restaurants. The open dining space is small, scenic, refreshing, and distinguished. The menu changes frequently: their most popular offerings range from black seafood risotto or fish in green mole to chocolate lava cake. It is a super nice place, most professional and friendly staff, and the food the jewel in the crown.

Pascale restaurant

Pascale prepares original and creative seafood, meat, homemade pasta dishes (with a choice of sauces) and French desserts with rare flair. The seafood is fresh as can be, there is a short but select wine list, and everything is served up with professional polish. The place sometimes closes in low season months.