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Germany is a member state of the European Union and Schengen area. Due to the lack of tuition fee at public universities of Germany, it is an attractive destination of hundreds of international students. Moreover, Germany has a high employment rate, which attracts a skilled person from around the world. But the best way to explore opportunities at Germany is to enter the country through the legal process.

Germany is also one of the best tourist destinations. It has incredible historical buildings, cultural diversities, and annual festivals, which attract tourists from around the world. The country is well developed and prosperous. Due to this living cost for foreigners is quite high. Before visiting any country, we suggest you get detailed information about the country visa policy. We try to provide authentic and latest vias information of Germany. You can also visit the embassy for further details.

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Do I need a visa for Germany?

If you want to visit Germany, you need a visa. It does not depend on your purpose of visit. You will need a visa in all the given cases;

  • Going on vacations.
  • For business meeting
  • Attending research symposiums and seminars
  • Medical treatment
  • Work permit
  • Study purpose
  • To stay for 24 hours to change the flight.

If you do not belong to any EU state of Schengen, are you need to apply for a visa for any of the purpose as mentioned above.

All nationals belonging to the Schengen area and European Union countries do not require a visa to enter Germany. Apart from these countries, there are 62 other countries which do not need to apply for permission for Germany.

How much does it cost to get a visa for Germany?

The German visa is included in the list of Schengen visa. So the visa cost of German visa is similar to those of other Schengen countries. The amount of visa according to its type is as given below;

  • Visit visa (adults): €60
  • Visit visa (children 6-12): €35
  • Study visa: €75
  • Work permit visa: €60
  • Transit visa cost: €70

How long does it take to get a German visa?

The duration to get a German visa depends on the duration of stay, the purpose of visa, and efficiency of the verification system of the applicants country.

The standard processing time for the most visa is 15 working days.

If the number of application is high, the processing time can increase up to 30 days.

What documents do I need to travel to Germany?

You need to have the documentswith you given below when applying for Germany;

  • Valid ID card: If you are an EU citizen or belong to the Schengen area.
  • Passport: For citizens who are exempt from getting a German visa.
  • Visa: For all the citizens who fall under the category of visa acquiring country.
  • Round trip tickets: In case you are on visit visa, the details of flight number and date of entry to the country and leaving the country.
  • Documents of travel insurance: It is necessary to show at the airport.
  • Details of your stay location: The address of hostel, hotel or home where you will stay during a visit to Germany.
  • Financial soundness certificate.
  • ID card.

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