Winter – the best time to explore the beautiful wonders in Japan

If you are an adventure enthusiast and looking forward to visiting Japan, you can consider visiting in winters. Winter is the time when a lot of festivals are celebrated in the country and with snowfall, there are ample opportunities for snowboarding and skinning. Winter in Japan is the most awaited time of the year as it allows one to enjoy the amazing sight of the snow festival, relax in the hot spring outdoors, and explore the local wildlife. You will have an unforgettable experience and memories.

Things to do for travelers in Japan in winters

Aoi Ike – If you want to see something majestic, this is the place that you must visit. This is a beautiful Blue Pond which is located in Biei, a small town. This is a man-made pond. It gets the blue color from the minerals that are deposited in the water. The pond is surrounded by beautiful greenery and the view is heavenly. In winter, the water crystallizes and reflects the enclosing nature.

Sapporo Snow festival – This festival is organized in the month of February. During this festival, you can have a sight at the gigantic snow buildings. The amazing light work enhances the beauty to a great deal. With heavy snowfall in winters, this place is best for adventure games like snowboarding.

Doing fun things in winter – You can find many fun things to do in winter like in the Jigokudani monkey park, a person can enjoy the snowy Alps, natural scenery and also see the monkeys doing some unusual things. This park also maintains the natural hot springs which attract the wild monkeys to get warm up easily in the winter. You can also enjoy Abashiri Icebreaker Cruise also provides you the best and attractive sightseeing experiences. You can just sit back and feel relax in the warm cabin when you will get past through the ice floes.