You Must See These 4 Spectacular Himalayan Lakes As Soon As Possible

Water is the symbol of life and you can’t neglect the importance of seas, lakes, oceans, and even small natural ponds. These things are the natural wonders of the world and attract millions of tourists every year. When it comes to Himalayan lakes, most of the lakes are surrounded with largest mountains, peaks, rocky landscapes, and other natural wonders. In short, this region of the world is famous for beautiful lakes and full of adventurous things and activities. If you are a true nature lover and spends hefty amount of money every year to explore the pristine nature, then you should plan to see these natural Himalayan lakes as soon as possible. There is no need to worry about travelling expenditures because is providing Emirates coupon to commuters and adventurers. So, fly to any region of the world in a world class environment and enjoy safe journey. What’s stopping you now? After heavy internet researches and collaboration with tourists, we have created a list of best Himalayan lakes. Check out our picks.

Yamdrok Tso, Tibet:

It is a freshwater lake in the Himalayan region and stretches for 45 miles. This lake is situated between Gyantse and Lhasa and considered as the sacred lake. The main attraction on this lake is its clear water and beautiful surrounding of the Tibetan nature. It is a great spiritual retreat for visitors and offers plenty of adventurous activities. The surrounding of this lake is totally unspoiled which is the biggest thing to visit this lake.

Gokyo Cho, Nepal:

This lake takes water from its surrounding which consists of glaciers and staggering mountains. It is a sacred place of both Buddhists and Hindus. The best time to see this lake is August because it hosts a festival in this month. Pilgrims bathe in this lake and enjoy traditional Nepali food and culture. This site has such a wonderful geographic location which is worth-watching. Confirm your flight tickets in discounted cost with the exploitation of emirates coupon which is available for users at

Chandra Taal, India:

It is also called as the ‘’Lake of the Moon’’ and found in Spiti valley. It stretches between India and Tibet with an altitude of 14100ft. Many campers, hikers, and swimmers visit this lake every year and appreciate its beauty. If you are visiting India this season, then must stay at this lake and then start your trip. It features several spectacular hiking trails and scenes. There is no doubt that this is one of the breathtaking lakes.

Namtso, Tibet, China:

Here’s another sacred lake in the Himalayan region. It is a must-see lake once in a lifetime due to its compelling surroundings and mountains. Every year, many pilgrims come to this lake to explore its real beauty and beautiful views. Travelling will become easier when you select emirates coupon which is waiting for travelers and tourists at Pick this promotion and avail reduction on the travel expenses.